This blog is probably the geekiest thing I have ever done. I literally have too much time on my hands and too much geeky interest in this topic. BUT, this knowledge would have helped me a lot a couple of years ago when first starting to blog about my artwork and music interests. OR that time when I tried to create an online T-shirt printing business :-/… I was hopeless, I didn’t understand how to get people to follow my blog or find my website, I basically just blogged to myself every so often and my ‘website views’ statistics were surely just from Me and my MUM. And maybe YOU reading are having that problem as well?? It doesn’t do much for your motivation if you can’t see results.

Basically, in this blog I want to hand out a few helpful tips to try and get YOUR business or YOUR blog attracting attention. Half of the stuff I post will be easy, a cheap alternative to employing a marketing exec, and a sure fine way to get your site snowballing into the hands of clients and readers. After all – I’m no pro – So if I can, then you can also!


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